Trash Recovery: How to Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

undo empty trash on MacPeople usually save different types of data on their Mac Mavericks system. Moreover, in order to make some space free erase unwanted files which are present on hard drive. Sometimes there might be instances when you may press the option of “Empty Trash” or you often remove the files through selecting command+Delete on Mavericks system. It is well known that whenever you delete any file from your Mac then it goes to the trash from where you can get back the missing data . But question rises what happen while file is removed from trash. In this type of condition you would even face the data loss situation. Many people think when the trash bin is emptied, file is removed permanently from system and thus they get frustrated. However that is not true there is still some possibility to undo empty trash on Mac.

Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

Causes Responsible for Data Loss on Mac

  • Emptied trash for enhancing the system performance.
  • Accidentally remove file permanently.
  • Formatting the volume

All these above mentioned scenario lead to file loss which should be overcome through different process.

 Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks: Is it Possible Manually

You can restore missing file through Time machine backup where following steps to be followed.

  • You have to open the Time machine from the icon in dock. It can be seen as green circle along with white arrow inside.
  • Then find file by locating time frame of deletion. Time Machine makes the lists of backups as the oldest backup at top. If there is confusion in choosing the correct file then you can use “Quick Look” for view the file contents.
  • Now click at the file and press “Restore” option from the bottom right corner. In case of having the same file name in hard drive, Time machine gives prompts as “Keep original”, “Keep Both” or “Replace”.

But before undo empty trash on Mac you need to know certain facts regarding time machine backup, first of all these measures required technical knowledge and another important factor, files cannot be restored if you do not perform time machine backup earlier in your system then you should look for third party tool for recovering data from emptied trash.

Solution to Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

undo empty trash on MacIf you have emptied your trash bin and thinking how to undo empty trash Mac on Mavericks then do not worry with Mac data recovery software you can easily restore the missing data from emptied trash. It has cutting edge scanning algorithm which makes the retrieval of files from very simple. It even supports the trash recovery on HFS+, HFSX volumes of Mac. It gives the option to view the file before and after recovery. It provides the facility to save the file in desired location and you do not need to be a technical expertise for operating this tool. This the complete solution for recovery missing data that offers restoring of data in just few steps.

Guidelines to Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

Step 1: Download and install first Mac data recovery software then launch it for the restoring.

Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

Step 2 : You have to choose the file for recovery.

Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

Step 3 : Now there is need to choose files type. Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

Step 4 : Click at the start scan button after selecting the desired file types.

Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

Step 5 : Finally, select the recovered items and retrieve the recovered files at specified location.

Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

Undo Empty Trash Mac on Mavericks

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