How to Recover Photos from Trash on iMac Successfully

Looking for photo recovery from trash on iMac? Want to recover your precious photos? Photos are the only way to capture important memories of life. Users stores these memorable images on iMac to maintain its safety. However sometimes users delete these valuable photos accidentally and need to recover them as soon as possible. As we all know that any deleted item is recoverable unless or until you do not empty the trash. Once the trash get emptied then users become simply unable to restore the deleted files manually. Thats why it is very important to maintain backup your all important files properly. However it is still possible to recover photo from trash on iMac even after emptying the trash but for that you have to follow some precautions carefully.

Some Precautions to Recover Deleted Photos

  • Minimize the uses of your system

  • Further use of sane drive can limits you to access your photos permanently so avoid to use it

  • Do not save any new file it can overwrites the deleted photos

  • Do not try anything silly to recover your data


In such situation you will need a high level photo recovery program to recover your trashed photos successfully. You can take the help of any trustworthy third party tool to recover lost photos from iMac trash. It would be sensible to try the demo version first in order to confirm weather the software is really effective enough for you. You can try the demo version of Photo Recovery Software which gives you free trial of this amazing utility. It will scan your hard drive and recover all your deleted photos conveniently. Since it is the demo version so you will be restricted to save your recovered photos but you can see the preview of all your memorable images individually. If you get totally satisfied with the software then you can easily use the licensed version of Photo Recovery Software to save you files. Therefore it is recommended to use this significant utility for photo recovery on iMac trash.

Remarkable of Features Photo Recovery Software

  • Significantly effective and easy to use

  • Recovers deleted photos very quickly form emptied trash

  • Apart from recovering photos it also recovers other multimedia files as well

  • Recovers Photos form any Mac machine such as iMac, MacBook, Air, Mac Mini, Mac Pro

  • Compatible with any version of Mac OS such as OS X 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard, and 10.4 Tiger

User Guide: How to use Photo Recovery Software

Step 1: Download and Run Photo Recovery Software on your system


Step 2: If you want to recover photos form emptied trash then choose the Recover Hard drive option


Step 3: Now select delted file recovery from the given list


Step 4: Now specify the volume form where you need to recover your photos


Step 5: Your files has been recovered successfully you can save them at your desired location.



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