Best Way to Restore Photos from Trash on Mac: Complete Guide

restore photos from trash macDo you wish to restore photos from Trash on Mac? Photos are memories of the past that can be used to refresh our past. No one would ever like to lose such memorable moments. But there can be no certainty of the digital photos as they can be accidentally erased by hitting a wrong button. You can take a sigh of relief as when you delete anything on Mac, it goes to the trash. Trash is temporary folder which stores all such deleted items like photos, videos or any other data.


Few exceptions in which deleted photos Cannot be restored From Trash

  1. If shift+delete command has been used: in haste, users can get rid of files by using shift+delete command. But the action cannot be reversed later.
  2. secure empty trash option is enabled: the items present in the trash is automatically deleted and it cannot be restored.
  3. When the trash folder is emptied without rechecking the stored items.

Apart from secure emptying of the trash, there is scope for the recovery of photos from trash if and only if no further data is saved on the Mac machine. Yes, it might sound weird but it is true that whenever the file is trashed or is deleted, it is not straight away wiped out from the hard drive. It continues to remain intact unless and until it does not get overwritten.

The Mechanism: How to Restore Trash

It solely depends upon the actions of Mac users whether deleted photos can be restored after emptying the trash or not. Suppose you have emptied the trash and now realize that there were some important pictures which should not have been erased. You continue to use Mac Computer for saving new data. Then there is no hope and scope left to restore emptied trash. Saving new files will overwrite the deleted data and all the items that had been emptied from the trash will be permanently wiped out. Contrary to this, if you ensure that no more new data is saved on Mac as soon the trash has been emptied then there are possibilities to restore trash even if it has been emptied. Mac Trash Recovery Software is most recommended option to try for. It is capable to restore trash Mac even if it has been emptied. It is an easy to use data recovery tool that is compatible with almost every Mac version including earlier and recent one.


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